• O.C.E.F. Church pLanters

         Part of our commitment as an OCEF church plant is to give generously toward church planting. Most Oregonians don’t realize that we are one of the least-churched states in America. We believe that Jesus is the hope of the lost people in our world, but the church consists of the people he’s designated to reach the lost. Simply put; we believe that every church we plant will reach new people…so we keep planting churches! Visit the OCEF online at www.ocefchurchplanters.com

  • Camp Winema

         Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and picturesque Wi-Ne-Ma Lake in south Tillamook County, Wi-Ne-Ma Christian Camp offers a variety of Christian Camping experiences. Young people from grade 3 through High School take part in one of nine youth camp sessions.

         Excellent speakers, vibrant music, warm fellowships, and the coastal atmosphere lay at the heart of the five annual family and adult conferences. Learn more at: www.winema.org

  • Team Expansion: MIddle East

         Adventure also supports Team Expansion missionaries to Muslim people in the Middle East. Because these missionaries can be the targets of religious persecution we cannot publicly identify their names or location. Find out more about Team Expansion online at: www.teamexpansion.org

  • Embrace Compassion: Ethiopia

         Embrace Compassion is a grass roots organization in Oregon that partners with a beautiful rural village in Ethiopia to encourage family preservation, education, job creation and humanitarian relief. Our Bright Spot sponsorship program encourages children to stay in school with simple needed supplies like shoes, uniforms, school supplies and hygiene materials. We also work in the same area with the families to produce clean water, share medications to take away intestinal worms and vitamins to prevent night blindness. We partner with each family for what makes sense for them to succeed, because each family is unique. Check out their website at: www.embracecompassion.org

  • e3 Partners: Rwanda

         True to its name, “Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda is a country of lush, beautiful landscapes; magnificent hills and mountains, deep green valleys, meticulously planted crops, and a fun loving people that God has drawn to Himself through the scars and pain of a horrific genocidal history.  In Rwanda since 2005, e3 Partners has assisted the Rwandan evangelical church in planting thousands of churches in their small African country. God’s Holy Spirit has worked through these newly planted churches to not only reconcile the people to Himself but also to each other! No longer a people identified by tribe, today EVERYONE is identified as simply “Rwandan”! Learn more at: www.e3partners.org