Building for our future!

   For the past 13 years God has led Northwest Christian Church on a remarkable journey! As the founding pastor, there is one thing I can say for certain: We can do nothing apart from God! (John 15:5) All of our success and blessings are because of the great grace of God’s Son Jesus!

   The heartbeat of NCC’s leadership has always been faithfulness! We have never had aspirations to be a “mega church” or to be flashy and I assure you nothing has changed. We want to be faithful to our God! We want to be faithful to the mission of Jesus! We want to be faithful to the leading of the Holy Spirit! And we believe that when we are faithful, God provides the increase.

   When he has said “go” we’ve stepped out in faith. When he has said “wait” we have listened and obeyed. At this time the elders and key leaders are sensing a new direction for NCC. We believe that it is time for us to begin the process of expanding our current facilities so that we can continue to expand God’s Kingdom. In this guide we’ll share the vision for what lies ahead and challenge you to be involved. We ask everyone to prayerfully consider how they’ll take part in this new adventure!

   We believe with all our hearts that the church is God’s primary means of accomplishing his mission. The local church is God’s instrument for bringing the saving message of Jesus to people around the world. God willing, we’re going to make more room so more people can come to know Jesus through the ministry of NCC!


Erik Neilson

Campus Pastor