The purpose of the ADVANCE residency program is to give aspiring church leaders an opportunity to further their education and ministry experience. By partnering with Hope International University and Northwest Christian Church (NCC) our residents will get hands on ministry training while earning their Master of Arts Degree.

The ADVANCE residency program consists of 36 graduate units which can be completed while working at NCC.  The cost for the program is $17,415 which can be paid in two semester payments to Hope International University (HIU). Financial aid and student loans are available to qualifying students.  Acceptance into the program will be based on the application for the ADVANCE residency program and successful enrollment at HIU.


Half of the course work (18 units) will be completed online through HIU and half of the course work (18 units) will be completed on the campuses of NCC.



Through this residency model HIU and local churches can partner in providing mentoring, evaluation, and supervision for our students. We seek to offer students a broad and highly practical learning experience. This residency is ideal for both graduating college seniors or second career adults looking to enter vocational ministry.



  • HIU online course instruction for 18 units
  • Staff support for online classwork
  • An accredited Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree upon completion of the program


  • Academic liaison & residency supervisor
  • An internship mentor for each resident
  • Practical ministry classes for residents
  • Housing with a host family for the duration of the residency


COST FOR STUDENTS (2018-2019):

Application Fee


Technology Fee


Tuition (36 units @ $450 per unit)


Graduation Fee


Total Cost: (note: 3% increase per year)



HIU receives $11,400 ($5,500 per semester) which is used to pay for your online class work.

NCC receives $5,700 from HIU ($2,850 per semester) which is used




-Resident takes two classes from HIU. (6 units total)
-Work 15 per week in their first Ministry Focus (8 weeks)
-Work 15 per week in their second Ministry Focus (8 weeks)
-Practical Ministry Experiences at NCC
  • Funeral Planning (Erik Neilson)
  • Wedding Planning (David Case)
  • Church Budgeting (Mark Botsford)
  • How to plan a meeting (Debbie Groat/Mark Botsford)
  • Community after school program (Tom Stram)
  • First Impressions (Nathan Lawlor)
  • Leading a small group (Jae Alexander)
  • Boxes of Hope (Jennifer Shugart/_____________)
-Residency Workshops
  • Connect Membership Class (David Case)
  • The Life Cycle of the Church (Erik Neilson)
  • Reach: Learning your style of Evangelism. (Erik Neilson/Jae Alexander)
  • NCC Assigned Reading


-Resident takes two classes from HIU. (6 units total)
-Work 15 per week in their third Ministry Focus (8 weeks)
-Work 15 per week in their fourth Ministry Focus (8 weeks)
-Practical Ministry Experiences at NCC
  • Building Maintenance (Phil Ledet)
  • Community Kitchen (_____________)
  • Youth Ministry (Chris Taibbi/Josh Morris)
  • Children’s Day Camps (Jason Dick)
  • Pastoral Care (TBD)
  • Greeting (Wes Jessup/Glen Carr)
  • Worship Service Planning (TBD)
  • Celebrate Recovery (Robin Windsor)
-Residency Workshops (1-2 hours)
  • Personal Finance (Mark Botsford)
  • Vision Casting (David Case/Erik Neilson)
  • Relational Ministry (Jason Dick)
  • NCC Assigned Reading.

SUMMER (June-August)

  • Resident takes final two classes from HIU. (6 units total)
  • Summer Camps (Junior Camp, Junior High Camp, High School C.I.Y. Conference)
  • Serve through summer in primary area of concentration.
  • Resume writing and job placement assistance.


 Newberg Christian Church will ensure that students complete the following:

  • 25 hours per week is to be utilized for skills development in practical ministry
  • 4 hours per week of spiritual formation (Bible, prayer, etc)
  • 3 hours per week in mentoring
  • 1 hour each week with direct supervisor
  • 1 hour teaching
  • 1 hour staff meeting
  • 3 hours a week reading leadership and practical ministry material
  • 15 hours per week in one of your four Ministry Focus areas. These areas will be selected and approved at the beginning of the residency application process. Focus Areas include:
  • Kid’s Ministry                   
  • Youth Ministry
  • Preaching Ministry
  • Pastoral Care
  • Worship Ministry
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Business Administration
  • Technical Ministry & Media
  • NCC supervisor will grade all work on a “pass or fail” basis.
  • Journal: The student should keep a regular journal to reflect upon their ministry experience. After 8 of the mentoring experiences, the student should write a 1-3 page reflection about what they learned.
  • Reading: Three hours a week reading on practical ministry and leadership development.
  • 1000 pages each semester (2000 total)
  • Reading log (1-3 page action point response per book)
  • Paper: 3 part semester capstone paper (12-16 pages)

Fall: In SKILLS: Part (1) Ministry description; (2) Skills learned; (3) Leadership principles

Spring: In SKILLS: Part (1) Ministry description; (2) Skills learned; (3) Bible knowledge

Evaluation. Supervisor will provide at least two formal evaluations of the student per semester


NCC resident interns are considered to be leaders-in-training and will be held to the same doctrinal essentials and behavioral standards as NCC staff and eldership.


Apply to HIU at and apply to the ADVANCE Residency Program at Northwest Christian Church using this form: NCC Advance Application


HIU Program Director                                     Hope International University

Dr. Carl Toney, Professor                                2500 E. Nutwood Avenue                                           Fullerton, CA 92831

714.879.3901  Ext. 1204                              1-888-352-HOPE


NCC Residency Director                                  Newberg Christian Church

Erik Neilson, Campus Pastor                           2315 Villa Rd.                                                   Newberg, OR 97132

971-241-4935                                                  503-538-3104